Evolving travel landscape

2023 Corporate Travel Trends and the Case for Outsourcing Event Management

As the business travel landscape undergoes shifts, corporations are seeking efficient ways to adapt and thrive. The recently released Deloitte corporate travel study for 2023 sheds light on emerging trends, offering valuable insights for companies looking to optimize their operations and enhance client experiences. As the study indicates, while leisure travel has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, corporate travel has been more cautious in its return. With increasing trip volumes, businesses face challenges of elevated costs, intricate supplier negotiations, and sustainability mandates. 

The evolving scenario prompts companies to explore innovative strategies, and this is where Events On Call comes into play. The trends highlighted in the Deloitte report underscore the importance of expertise in steering through the complex landscape of corporate travel and events. With a keen focus on providing seamless event management solutions, Events On Call offers corporations the opportunity to outsource their event management staff, ensuring specialized knowledge in sourcing local talent for events.

As corporations strive to strike the right balance between traveler safety, cost-effectiveness, and impactful client engagement, the Deloitte study’s findings echo the need for strategic measures. Events On Call steps in as a strategic partner, leveraging our experience and network to ensure flawless event execution, all while aligning with the evolving travel landscape. The study’s insights are a testament to the relevance of outsourcing event management to experts who can steer through the intricate web of trends and deliver outstanding results.

In a world where live-event attendance gains momentum and sustainable practices become paramount, partnering with Events On Call streamlines event management, promoting growth, and optimizing resources. The journey toward corporate travel’s new normal demands agility and innovation, making Events On Call the perfect ally in shaping memorable and impactful events that resonate with the changing times.


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